What are the benefits of employing an apprentice?
No matter how big or small your business, it can sometimes become difficult to find new employees with the right skills. By employing a young person as an apprentice, you can train him or her to your way of working.
We can talk to you about your requirements, advertise your vacancy without disclosing your company details, sieve through all the applicants to find and interview suitable candidates. You then interview how many you would like to and once you have found your ideal person we will set up the Apprenticeship. All free of charge!
Receive an Age Grant (subject to eligibility).
Employ an apprentice between the ages of 16 to 18, and receive and incentive of £1,000.
Evidence shows that employers who employ and train apprentices have a more loyal and committed workforce.
How much will the training cost?
All learners must be employed and have supervised guidance. The Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), provides full funding for off the job training of 16-18 year olds for small companies. Anyone signed up after their 19th birthday will not be eligible for funding. This will mean that a top-up fee will need to be paid.