Part L Energy Efficiency

BPEC Part L Energy Efficiency
The Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating course is designed for heating engineers looking to self-certificate their installations through one of the Competent Persons Schemes (CPS). The course covers the requirements detailed under the Part L Building Regulations.                                                                  
This course is aimed at experienced domestic heating installers; whether they are working with gas, LPG, oil, biomass or solid fuel.
Candidates will be trained and assessed on the following:
  • Energy usage and the environment
  • Current legislation and building regulations
  • Current energy efficiency guidance documents
  • Domestic heating market and SEDBUK rating of appliances
  • Guidance on installing high efficiency appliances
  • Whole-house boiler sizing methodology and calculations
  • Guidance to consumers
  • Best practice in heating systems and controls
  • Commissioning systems for maximum efficiency
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