ACS Reassessment

A refresher training day will be available for candidates who feel they need their current knowledge updating prior to undertaking an assessment. Training is not a pre-requisite to assessment and it should be noted that success in the assessment is not guaranteed.
There are a number of modules that can make up a candidates’ re-assessment but the main qualifications are:
CCN1 – Core Gas Safety
2 Day practical & Theory examinations required for Legislation, Gas safety and Flues & Vents. CPA1 (Flue gas Analysis) is also included in the assessment.
CENWAT – Central Heating Boilers & Water Heaters
1/2 Day practical assessment on boilers up to 70KW.
CKR1 – Cookers
1/2 Day practical assessment.
HTR1 – Gas Fires
1/2 Day practical assessment.
Upcoming course dates (Duration 4 days):
Reassessment Package
A discounted re-assessment package is available which includes 1 day refresher training and re-assessment for all of the above and would take 3 days to complete.
Other modules are also available, details supplied on request. Prices include certification fee.
If you wish to book onto any of these courses, or have any queries please call us on 01626 832374.