ACS Initial Assessment

Upon successful completion of a suitable training programme, the candidate will be able to undertake the BPEC Certified ACS gas assessment at our approved centre which will then enable them to apply to become a Gas Safe Registered engineer.
There are a number of modules that can make up a candidates’ assessment but the main qualifications are:
CCN1 – Core Gas Safety
2 Day practical & Theory examinations required for Legislation, Gas safety and Flues & Vents.
CENWAT – Central Heating Boilers & Water Heaters
1 Day practical assessment on boilers up to 70KW.
CKR1 – Cookers
1 Day practical assessment.
HTR1 – Gas Fires
1 Day practical assessment.
An Initial package is available which includes assessment for all of the above and would take 4 days to complete.
Other Qualifications are;
CPA1 – Flue Gas Analysers (this is now automatically included within the CCN1 Assessment)
DAH1 – Warm Air Heaters
MET1 – Meters upto U6
MET4 – Meters upto U16
Up coming course dates (Duration 5 days) :